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About Ginger

Hi, I'm Ginger - an adventure-loving, book-reading, thrill-seeking kind of gal. I live in Duluth with my husband, Andy and my puppy, Ollie. I never know what to write about myself because I'm still figuring it out. I guess that's what life is about though: figuring it out.

I've been married to my wonderful husband for six years. We have grown so much in that time. We recently adopted a puppy, Ollie, after we lost our sweet dog, Maddy, after nine wonderful years with her. Ollie has been teaching Andy and I much about patience and forgiveness. He is part Australian Shepherd, part Collie, and part monster. And we love him dearly. 

When Calley told Leez and me about this idea, it clicked with us in a way no other side project has before. I LOVE challenges! I love trying new things. I love seeing what works for me. I'm willing to try just about anything. Except holding a spider. Or looking at a spider. I fear them. There also isn't much that I don't enjoy. Except mushrooms. I can't get on the mushroom bandwagon. So we'll leave mushrooms and spiders out of my life. Everyone's happier that way.