5 Things You Wouldn't Have Guessed About Drinking a Gallon of Water

1 gallon = 3.78 liters = 128 ounces = LOTS of bathroom breaks. 

No matter how you break it down, a gallon of water a day is a lot of fluid. So why the heck would I (Calley) torture my already TINY bladder to such pain? Well, there's a lot that can happen by drinking so much water (according to the world wide web).. such as:

  • More energy
  • Skin improvement
  • Weightloss
  • Reduced Belly Fat
  • Clearer Thinking
  • And many other benefits that can't be quantified

But I think the thing that made me most intrigued was more energy and skin improvement. I've always had issues with my skin, but I've already seen improvements from completing Whole30. The real question tho - can water REALLY change my energy and more? And what has the internet not told you about these Gallon Challenges? 


1. Invest in some hand lotion

Although my facial skin MIGHT be improved 30 days later (hard to tell right now because I just got back from Florida!), make sure you invest in some hand lotion. Going to the bathroom so often left my hands dry.. which is kind of the opposite of the "benefits" that the web was saying. It also could be that I live in Minnesota but I'm thinking it's the water. My skin (minus my hands) maybe saw some improvement? But nothing life-shattering that I would say water was the only factor. 

2. More water = weight loss?

With how much water I was consuming, I was surprised that I wasn't bloated. You'd think that by filling up on so much water it would just sit in your gut and maybe make you look puffy? Not the case for me. In fact, I felt more slim. While I'm still working out and staying active, I found that the days that I did go to the gym - my gallon challenge was a lot easier for me. 

3. Your step count will increase!

Why? Because you'll be constantly running to the bathroom! When researching this- it's actually stated that half your body weight in ounces is the ideal amount of water for you to consume a day. A gallon is more than half for me, but it's also didn't cause me any discomfort. Besides going to the bathroom a million times, that was the only "side effect" from this challenge. Some people online talked about stomach pains, headaches or anything that isn't normal like that. But I really am fortunate to work at a job where if I HAVE to run to the loo, I can. My mother who is a receptionist at a salon could not do this challenge. I challenge anyone reading this, to think about fulfilling the minimum of ounces for your body weight- if this gallon challenge post is scaring you. 

4. Water replaced snacking

Taking the time out to finish one glass of water before I started eating my breakfast made me more full and not as hungry - or as my family refers to it as HANGRY (hungry + angry). No one likes to see Calley Hangry :) My breakfasts and snacking seemed to diminish. Probably because I was filling my food-muching with water-crunching? (does that work..?) But when you have a goal to get thru so much water, your stomach doesn't have the capacity for 2:30pm chips. Or maybe if you do, it's significantly smaller. 

5. You're going to become addicted 

Not at first, but you'll notice over time of being consistent with you're water - you're going to miss not having just plain water. I didn't notice this until 3 weeks in, when it was the weekend and I was not as regimen about hitting my water time-lines. It wasn't like a slap to the face, it was a slow-moving tide. My head started to ache, the beginnings of a headache (ugh!). Then it was the constant yawning, it felt as tho my brain and body was swimming through molasses. Light bulb! WATER was the answer. I immediately grabbed a big bottle and felt all of that wash away.   

So does this make you want to attempt a water challenge?? From my experience thus far, I'm feeling good and I'm doing good for my body! Jump on in to this water challenge by commenting below! Cheers!

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