Not Your Average Journal Challenge

May 1st! It is officially here and that means (for the 30 day gals) a new 30-day challenge. And this month, we are all focusing on journaling. But this is translating in different ways for each of us, because ultimately, although we share the commonality of 30-day challenges, we each have different goals, hopes, and dreams for our future. Which you can see throughout our blog by how different each of our journeys has been thus far! 


Ginger is taking a financial approach to her journaling this month. In order for her (and actually all of us) to find out our baseline, we need to first track our behaviors for a month to actually determine what is and what needs to change. We, of course, can guess or bask in denial, but that won't help us get to where we're trying to go. So what does a financial approach look like when it comes to journaling? It's understanding what her (and maybe her hubby's) spending habits are, and what changes need to happen to help her in the future. 

Speaking of future...that's exactly what Calley will be doing this month. Thinking about her goals and future through the lens of journaling. Have you ever heard that dreams are only words until they are put down on paper? Well, Calley will be putting pen to paper when it comes to her hopes, dreams, and future goals. This will involve dusting off a book she actually bought for the 30 Day Gals, Where Will You Be 5 Years From Today? But guess when she gave this book to the gals? NOVEMBER of last year! So with the help of this book + writing down 10 dreams a day for the next 30, Calley is excited to figure out where she wants her future to go. 

But can we also be real, and also talk about happiness for a bit? We've seen our share of documentaries and articles about happiness and how stress can stop happiness in its tracks. Translate that to a May challenge and Leez is going to be focusing on her happiness by mindfully writing about what areas in her life bring her happiness, as well as what moments in her day/month take away from her happiness — allowing her to build her own version of a baseline and hopefully a happier future down the road. 

So if you've ever wanted to track your finances, spend extra time focusing on dreams or just reflect on what makes you happy, grab an empty notebook and journal along! 

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