Your smart watch is smart...right?

By: Calley Kohlhagen

If our smart watches are smart like they were designed, why do I constantly “ignore” what my watch is telling me?

Does anyone else have this problem? Like.. currently my Apple Watch tells me magnificent things like: heart rate, calories burned, daily goals, steps, when to take a pause and breathe, and more. But I find excuses to ignore these notifications. Or I make up excuses throughout my day, such as “I have a meeting to get ready for” or “I don’t have time for ____”.

So what happened when I decided to ignore my excuses and actually listen to what my watch is recommending for 30 days.


I am more mindful of my breathing

Have you used this feature on your Apple Watch? Or if you don’t have that feature on your watch, have you taken a 1 minute break to pause and refocus on your breathing? It is interesting how much my breathing takes a toll when I am feeling stressed at work. But taking a TOTAL of 8 minutes throughout my work day to revisit my breath, allows me to be more efficient at work.

I am moving more

This one might be obvious - but since I now have a daily step goal to hit, I am making sure that I am taking the stairs or getting up and walking throughout my day. Essentially, I’m finding that watching my watch is beneficial for my health throughout my day. So even if you don’t have a watch, try setting a reminder on your computer for every hour. It could be getting up and filling your water or taking a moment to close your eyes and focus on your breath.

I am pushing myself to go “beyond” my goal

I have a goal to burn 620 calories per day - but I’m averaging 800. By being able to track my workouts and activities throughout the day, I am going beyond the expectations that my watch is giving me. And I have this feeling of satisfaction of beating this - must be my competitive side coming out :)

No matter if your watch is smart or it simply tells the time, I want you to think about how you can update your daily routine to be more healthier! Something as small as taking 8 minutes out of your day to breathe. So if you are looking for a sign - let this be it! What’s one thing that you could update in your daily routine to be healthier?

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