Can Doodling Cure Anxiety & Depression?

By: Calley Kohlhagen

"Cure" might be a strong word...maybe the word combat is better. For those of you craving a real story — let me fill you in on two things that can't be found on my Facebook or Instagram feed. First, I have found myself dealing with anxiety more than I care to share. And second, I love CBS' Sunday Morning show (every Sunday from 8-9:30 a.m. if you must know).


Okay, the first statement of the two is far more serious. But my Sunday morning show is a guilty pleasure of mine that recently had a segment called Busy Hands and Our Brainsthat talked about (mini spoiler alert ahead!) how little we do to create something with our hands as a result of more and more jobs going digital. The most interesting part in all of that? Turns out our brain's actually missing out on happy endorphins that are released when we create something by hand., knitting, painting, and you guessed it — a little thing called doodling.

Makes sense, right?! Just think back to the last time you created something with your own hands, and how good you felt after. I mean, it's no wonder most of us have fond memories from grade was pretty much arts and crafts day every day! So for my challenge, I decided what better way to combat my anxiety than to release some of those happy endorphins through oodles of doodles. 

So what did I learn from 30 days of doodling? That I'm going to continue to make things by hand for as long as I can. Some days that may translate into a sketch, while other days a scrumptious banana bread and I hope you'll do the same. Like this AMAZING banana bread recipe thanks to Cozy Country Living

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