Why Sometimes Setting the Bar Lower is Better

By: Leez Kuznetsova

On any given day, I have a lot of habits I'm trying to make and break. One of the habits I've been wanting to form for a while now was to make reading for fun a part of my day-to-day life. So I set out to read 40 pages a day for 30 days in hopes that it would stick. 

Only I didn't. After just a few days, I struggled to even read a page. The problem was my goal was too time-consuming and didn't factor in all of the other goals I'm working on — like working out daily, eating clean aka spending lots of time in the kitchen, setting aside time to write more, and the list goes on and on and on. 

So what would I have done differently? 

I would have set the bar lower from the get-go. 30 pages lower to be exact. You see, if I had just set a realistic goal of only reading 10 pages a day, I would have been more likely to not only meet my goal but develop a life-long habit of reading for fun. Instead, I was often left feeling paralyzed by how time-consuming this goal was, unmotivated, and like a complete and utter failure.

The good news? I did manage to finish "Better Than Before" by Gretchin Rubin and even got a running start on "Own The Day, Own Your Life" by Aubrey Marcus. Progress...not perfection, right? And I plan to keep my bar low to help me successfully meet my reading goal from here on out. 

Whatever your big goals and dreams are, I challenge you to start small. Like super duper small. This will help you build the momentum and confidence you need under your belt to help you stay on the path to success. 

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