The Secret to Happiness is in Your Backyard

If you’re anything like me, Leez, chances are you spend the majority of your time inside the great indoors — typing the day away at your desk or trying to unwind after a long day with a Netflix flick to put a smile on your face. At least that used to be me before I decided to make hiking my jam for 30 days while my gal pal, Calley biked up a storm. 

So what did I discover?

Spending time outdoors cultivates an attitude of gratitude

Just a 1-hour or 40-minute hike at Hawks Ridge (where are all my Duluthians at?!) was enough to shift me into a state of gratitude, helping me reconnect with every living and breathing thing around me, including my own breath.


Hiking gives you wings

Don't ask me how that's possible, but I always felt way more energized after a hike than before I started. In fact, some days I even had enough energy to get a few squats in during my hike. Of course, nothing compared to the 3,000 I cranked out once upon a challenge, but you get the point. 

IMG_0631 (1).jpg

Stress melts away  

It didn't take long for the stress to melt away (even though there was still snow on the ground in April). The moment my feet hit the ground hiking, I found my mind and body at ease and everything else became more or less irrelevant. 


So if you want a little more happiness in your day, remember that sometimes it's as simple as getting outside. Have your own little secret to share for how you find happiness every day, spill the beans by leaving us a comment (or two) below. 

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