Why Setting a Goal Isn't Enough

I’ve struggled to put my experience with my latest challenge into thoughts so putting them on paper has proven even tougher. Our motto is that we believe in failing forward which pretty sums up how this challenge went for me.

For the month of April, my challenge was walking. We all came down with spring fever and wanted to focus our April challenge on getting outside and movement. That came to life with biking for Calley, hiking for Leez and walking for me (Ginger).

Unfortunately, “walking” was all I set as my goal. I didn't structure my challenge with systems of reaching that goal, making it far from my view of a successful challenge. Here are a few of the pitfalls I stumbled into:

  • I didn’t set up what my measurement of success would be.
  • I didn’t establish a minimum walking time or distance.
  • I could have guessed what my base was but didn’t set up a structure that challenged me to increase my base.
  • There were so many days that I found myself too lazy or too tired after work to go out for an official walk so I counted the little walks I did earlier in the day as checking off the box my challenge.
  • April turned out to be a second winter so that often got in the way of walking outside. The picture below was from mid-April... 
  • We decided to sell our house/buy a new house so we spent most of April prepping our house to put on the market.

I could go on and on with the excuses, but the bottom line is that this challenge didn’t work for me. So….

Lesson Learned

It’s crucial for me to have a clearly defined structure when doing a challenge. Setting a goal is important. But simply setting a goal isn't enough. Just as important is setting systems to reach that goal. In this example, I should have established a minimum walking time dedicated to walking for the challenge or a step goal that was beyond my daily norm so I could monitor (via Fitbit) if I was meeting my daily goal or not.

But here’s to failing forward, constantly learning, and always seeking to improve. What about you? Do you need structure? I’d love to hear your feedback! Leave a comment below or shoot us a note here.