I tried powerlifting for 30 days, here's what happened.


Our March challenges have come to a close and we all feel stronger. Calley and I (Ginger) did powerlifting for 30 days. When you take on a challenge like powerlifting, there is no room for doubt whether or not you're making progress. The weight on the bar will tell you straight up - no sugar coating it. I have to admit, I like to clearly know when I'm making progress. I often don't work will with ambiguity. But this is one challenge where I could see my results as well as see my opportunity for improvement. 

There were three main lifting days with conditioning routines on the off days. I was following a powerlifting routine about a year ago and with that program I did the bench press and squat lifts twice each per week with one day at max weight and the second day with 80% of max weight. The deadlift on the program was only once a week. For this challenge, I did the max lift once per week for all three lifts.

Here is how this challenge progressed:


Bench Press:


Overall: I felt my progress with my bench press went well. I was able to add weight almost every week. With Calley as my spotter, I also was able to push myself harder and push to failure. It definitely helps having a spotter! My progress for my bench press was better during this challenge than the progress I made a year ago when I was trying it.


Starting weight: 75#

Ending weight: 115#




Overall: I have always thought my legs were decently strong, but for this challenge, I just couldn’t get my squat to increase very much. I don’t know why it was such a struggle for me. My ending weight was barely ahead of my bench press! My progress on the squat was better when I followed the program I did a year ago with my weight getting up to 165#. It might not have made a big difference on my bench press, but I think the 80% of max day helped with my squat last time, but I didn’t do that for this challenge. This is definietly my area of opporutnity for improvement. 


Starting weight: 95#

Ending weight: 125#




Overall: I think I made decent progress with my deadlift. I did start low, maybe lower than I needed to so my increase looks bigger than what it should be.


Starting weight: 95#

Ending weight: 175#


This challenge was a fun one. Calley and I are planning to continue our progress, but I’m not holding myself to the routine as strict as I did during the challenge. I definitely don’t plan to miss squats, thought, since missing them once is pretty much starting over for me the next time I do them! Plus, if I miss squats once, I can’t walk the next two days! It takes so long to build up the muscle and so quickly to lose it. Ah, the joys of working out. But we keep pushing ourselves to become stronger, mentally and physically, and that truly is a joy of working out.