Good Things Come to Those Who Squat

Leeza's derriere here and although there's no before and after measurements to show the big gains after accomplishing 3,000 squats last month, there are plenty of small wins that came out of this challenge.

It forced me to unsubscribe from excuses

As much as I hate to admit it, I'm the queen when it comes to making excuses for not getting my workouts in. If it's not I'm too busy with work or too tired, it's I forgot my gym clothes or running shoes that take the cake. But since this challenge didn't require me to go to the gym, change, or frankly even take more than a few minutes out of my day, I had no excuse but to push through. Sometimes that meant doing them while brushing my teeth or waiting for my dogs to do their morning squats, while other times it got as ambitious as cranking them out while waiting in line at Starbucks or should I say Squatbucks ;)

I developed a positive association

Just like some people aren't morning people, I'm not a leg day person. But integrating them into my day in fun ways throughout the month as well as getting other people on board to join me kind of made an exercise I used to dread a bit less dreadful. 

I gained a new appreciation for my legs

Every time I've been hard on my body in the past, I've been three times as hard on my legs. But seeing what my legs were capable of achieving (not to mention feeling the pain as a reminder) made me realize just how amazingly strong and valuable these little motors of mine really are — even if they aren't as long, sculpted and model grade as I'd love for them to be. 

It was almost too easy in the end

Day 1 (who am I kidding, week 1) was no walk in the park. Every time, I stood up or sat down, I had to mute myself from letting the world know I was in pain. But, by week 2, I started to notice I started to plateau. All of a sudden, I could power through 2 sets of 50 with hardly a break in between. So, I started to play around with adding weights, and using a bossaball to squat deeper, and even integrate squats into hikes with my fiance. 

See? The proof is in the squatting, guys. If you commit to 100 squats a day for a month, good things are bound to come.

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