Half way point!

It’s March 15th — our halfway point through our 30 days of powerlifting + squat challenge.

But that’s not all. Today also happens to mark 6 months since we set out on this journey to improve our lives for the better, grow, and learn one 30-day challenge at a time — while hopefully inspiring others on a similar path to do the same. 

Eight challenges (plus two in the works), and many lessons later, we’re still continuing strong…especially when it comes to the way our legs, and arms are feeling with this month’s challenge. 

So on that note, here’s a roundup of 5 things we’ve noticed just 15 days into pushing our bodies through some pretty grueling lifts and squats. Spoiler alert: there’s some before and after body transformations if you challenge yourself to read the rest of this blog post ;)


Working out has become a priority

Whether it’s making time for squats in between the gym or partnering to workout, we’ve collectively made working out and sticking to our goal a priority that overrides every excuse in the book. And it makes the workout all the better when you’ve got a gal pal to spot and push you along the way. 

Shorter recovery times

When we started week 1 of lifting (and squatting), our recovery time often took an entire week, if not longer. Fast forward to now and although we’re plenty sore, at least we’re not having to waddle like penguins through the rest of our weeks.

Less bloating

We're not sure if this is because we’re still eating healthy from our Whole30 Challenge (read up on Ginger's Journey or Calley's Journey) or because we’re doing that plus lifting, but we’ll take it…


We’re getting stronger

You know you're getting stronger when you start lifting heavier, doing squats with your 40 pound dog in hand and embracing Flex Friday...


Mental transformation

One of the most exciting changes for all of us so far have been mental. You know the kind of transformation that doesn’t always reveal itself in a photo, but you can feel it taking place deeper in the mind and body — reinforcing a better and healthier lifestyle as a whole. 


NOW for the 'reveal' time...

But since we promised before and after photos, here they are in all their glory. We might not exactly see big gains, but trust us when we say we feel it!

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