March is for MUSCLES

Our February Challenge was all about building a healthy relationship with food. So, we're making March all about building on the awesome momentum we've gained by building a healthy relationship with our bodies (and a little extra muscle) by taking on the powerlifting and squat challenge.

But before you go picturing us in wheelchairs for the next 30 days, don't worry, we're breaking up these two challenges amongst the three of us.

So while Calley and Ginger are powerlifting their buns away for the next 30 days, Leez will most likely forget she has one because well, a 100 squats a day for 30 days will do that to a gal — especially one that has a love-hate relationship with leg days. 

To join us, send us a message directly on Instagram @30daygals for details and watch for daily progress updates (including Leeza's 30 day squat journey on Facebook).