Fearlessly Conquering January

For those of you who haven't been following along on our January 30-day-challenge, we decided the new year meant new things to conquer. And what better things to conquer than our FEARS?

So, we brainstormed up a list of all the things that make us uncomfortable, fearful, or just downright squirmy. And then we came up with a plan to face our fears — one day at a time for 30 days. 

And if there's anything being on camera, trust falls, eating snails, blind dates, going a day without technology, and working out in sports bras among other fears has taught us is that fear is only as deep as the mind allows. 

Day 1: Share a video of yourself 

For some more than others, there's nothing more uncomfortable than a selfie or a video of you and only you. As in no pets, friends, or other things to hide behind. 

Day 2: Ask for a discount at Starbucks

Going to Starbucks and asking for a discount sounds easy...until you're faced with a Starbucks barista nervously asking the question with nothing but the discomfort of rejection in sight. The good news? Facing your fears can sometimes get you free coffee.

Day 3: Trust falls

The last time we were put into situations that required trust falls was in elementary or middle school, right? And we can tell you it doesn't get less scary when you're older having to let go and rely on someone else to catch you. Click on the image to watch the full video :)

Day 4: Eat escargot (snails)

Escar-can't? More like sscar-can and we did! That's right, we each had a serious discomfort with the idea of eating escargot (snailsssss), but we faced the fear one chewy bite at a time. And for all the local Duluthians reading this, you can too at your local Bellisios.

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 9.32.40 PM.png

Day 5: Get back out there aka dating

For those of you who are single, dating can be hard, awkward, and the list goes on. But there's a plus side to putting yourself out there...like meeting someone new, and gaining a little confidence along the way. 

Day 6: Technology fast aka unplug from everything 

When was the last time you unplugged from everything for 24 hours by choice? We couldn't remember a time either so for a day we said no to TV, laptops, and cell phones (sorry mom). And we came out feeling more liberated than ever before. Not only did we have to find new ways to communicate and figure things out without the help of Google or Alexa, but we also found we had more time to think, dream, and just be. 

Day 7: Put yourself out there professionally

LinkedIn is such an amazing tool for professionals to connect online, yet it can seem daunting to make certain connections or ask for those recommendations from past or current employers. But for a day, we set that fear aside and did just that. And we encourage you to do the same. We all have skills and talents that make us shine so why not shine a little brighter and step into your fear? 

Day 8: Go vegan for a day

Weird that this could be considered a fear, right? Well, when you have to change up your diet or habits at work or home, the discomfort can instantly be magnified and multiplied. But taking the time to deal with this discomfort mindfully, and listen to our bodies helped us realize much of our fear comes from the stories we create in our heads about something we aren't familiar with. Thus, making the fear a distant memory the moment we become more acquainted. 

Day 9: Converse with a stranger

Are you outgoing? If your answer is "meh" or "noooooooooo" then this checking this one off of the list can be kind of big challenge to face. But also not so much once you detach the idea that this person will judge you, reject you in some fashion or whatever hurdle you have standing in your way. At the end of the day, you never know what kind of connection or impact you may make based on the conversation you decide to have. 

Day 10: Ask everyone and their mothers to like your page on Facebook (hiiii mom!)

You know those invites you get from friends to like their Facebook page from time to time? Well, when it came time to send our invite out to our friends, coworkers, and even acquaintances to like our page, we were slightly paralyzed by the fear of rejection...what would people think? But instead, we got an immense amount of love and support, making us smile and proud of all of what we've accomplished since we started this blog back in September. 

Day 11: Wear a bikini

We all seem to have mind-body issues (which is crazy, we know) but as a lady, putting on a bikini and can be terrifying enough. Let alone sharing this fear and bikini photo on social media with the rest of the world to see. The good news? It's not as scary as it seems once you're flooded with words of encouragement and compliments...reminding us (and hopefully you) that love will always trump discomfort, anxiety, and fear at the end. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 7.51.22 AM.png

Day 12: Socialize without liquid courage

Let's face it, sometimes (ok, a lot of times), socializing is much easier and less uncomfortable when you can rely on a little liquid courage to do the talking for you. That's why we knew we had to take on day 12 with nothing but dry courage to hold us over. The good news? You quickly realize how much of an unnecessary crutch liquid courage really is and there's no hangover the next morning. 

Day 13: Go to Planet Extreme Air Park 

This was one of the days along this journey that will forever be in our minds. When we got the jump park, we didn't exactly know what to expect other than we knew we'd be doing some trampoline jumping. Before we knew it, the jumping jitters turned into something else when we realized we were the only adults there without kids. What would people think of us? Is everyone starring? Yet the moment we started jumping on trampolines, free falling into giant foam pools, and attempting to walk on a tightrope with the rest of the kids, we were reminded of what it's like to be a kid again and all the fear was replaced by uncontrollable laughter and more fun than we can put into words. Truly.

jump park.jpg

Day 14: Eat squid

Yuck, yuck, yuck! They are so unappealing to look at. Long dangling legs, round rubbery head. And I (Ginger) have to eat it?! My stomach turns just looking at it! I don't think I'm brave enough. Ok, here goes...meh. Not great, but I did it. I looked discomfort (or was it the squid) in the eye and thought: challenge conquered. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 9.44.58 PM.png

Day 15: No social media

How difficult is it to not check Facebook, Instagram, etc. and get sucked into the black hole of endless scrolling and brain-numbing memes and articles. So instead, we decided to stop, disconnect and spend the day look up instead of down. 

Day 16: Face a spider

Seems easy, right? What chance has a little creature against us large humans? Well, those creepy, crawly, disgusting little creatures can cause paralysis...and that's not fair. But spiders top Ginger's list of fears and she happened to have had the opportunity to face one during this challenge. She managed to not scream (out loud at least) and we're considering that a WIN. 

Day 17: Share your passion with the world 

Sharing something you're passionate about on social media can be scary. If you're passionate about the gym, like Ginger, you might have thought about sharing your progress or workouts to inspire others but have held back because of a little thing called fear. Luckily, she pushed through and got nothing but support in return. 

Day 18: Head to the bar by yourself

Maybe this isn't something too scary, but when you're not a regular at a bar, it can plenty uncomfortable to pull up a bar stool by yourself and order up a tall one. Luckily, Calley quickly realized how great facing such a fear can be when you let your guard down.

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 9.40.54 PM.png

Day 19: Sit in stillness 

Even though Leez has taken on 30 days of meditation, sitting still for a duration of time still makes her plenty uneasy. Especially after a busy day or week. But she pushed through and meditated the discomfort away.

Day 20: Asking for help...publicly 

Asking for help or advice doesn't seem like it would be hard. Until it's time to push the send button. "What if no one says anything?" or "what if I look stupid?" We don't always know the answer; it's ok to ask for help. You might be surprised by how much help and kindness is out there.

Day 21: Telling someone how you really feel 

The only thing harder than telling someone how you feel is telling someone how you feel after a long period of time has gone by. What will they think? What if it's too late or what if this is just silly or even worse...stupid? But we silenced our inner dialogue with courage, sent our emails and made our calls. In the end, not only did the individuals we reached out to respond well, but we felt an immense amount of weight lifted off our own chests. 

Day 22: Brrrave the cold

Otherwise known as rolling in the snow in swimsuits. Easier said than done (unless of course, your Ollie the pup). 

Day 23: Watch a scary movie by choice 

We might think whoever goes to scary movie of their own accord is crazy! So when this fear loomed near, our hearts started beating faster. We went, we saw, we left...and we probably won't go back. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 9.32.59 PM.png

Day 24: Pay for an order with loose change 

Let's get to the root of this fear, shall we? It goes by the name of shame. You know the fear of people judging you and potentially laughing at you as you diligently attempt to pay for a bagel and coffee in nickels, dimes and pennies. Not to mention the line you're holding up as a result. 

Day 25: Start a 10-day juice fast

Another food-related challenge that shouldn't seem too difficult. But, again, changing your food habits can be one of the most difficult and uncomfortable things one can do. Not to mention, no coffee for 10 days? Seriously!? 


Day 26: Go on a blind date

What's harder than dating? Blind dating. Enough said. 

Day 27: Sinking into the unknown

Nothing combines the fear of closed spaces, letting go & sinking into the unknown quite like the float tank. Lucky for us, Inner Bliss quickly showed us there's nothing to fear as we each experienced what it's like to feel completely weightless in a pod full of 1200 pounds of dissolved Epsom salt. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 7.57.16 AM.png

Day 28: Workout class in sports bras

Working out in a sports bra can be uncomfortable when those inner voices won't quit their negative chatter. But we kicked those voices to the curb, along with our shirts and got our sweat on in our sculpt class. And it was liberating - especially when we saw another woman toss her shirt mid class behind us.

Day 29: Find your fear in the day!

So along this journey, we each have found what a fear in our day.. It's something unplanned, unexpected - but happens and we have to make a decision of whether to step up and face the fear or uncomfortableness. Take for example, Calley went to the bar to socialize by herself however was asked to play volleyball with a bunch of strangers. She easily could have said "no" because she already was facing her fear - yet, this was another way life was handing her a fear without even knowing. So yes, she did play volleyball that night with a bunch of strangers. And yes, she had a blast. What memories and experiences are you not allowing yourself by saying "no" and letting fear rule your life? 

Day 30: Live video

Well, a live video is scary. Your face + the camera + unscripted/no re-dos allowed = AHHHHH! We did however learn a lot.. so ignore the pixelated view and the loud background noise and accept that this was our first time and the next will be better!! Click on the image to watch the full video!

All in all, this journey was amazing. Exhausting of course but it's crazy how much we grew as individuals and as Bloggers. The crazy part about this all? We've been talking about how we can do this again, but in summer and not the dead of winter... ARE WE CRAZY? 

No! We just like to live a little and grow along the way! Thank you everyone that helped us conquer our fears this month, and we challenge all of you to find your fears and face them!