Our 1 Year Mark And What It Taught Us

30 Day Gals here! For those of you just joining us – WELCOME! For those of you that have been following our journey for the past year, thank you, thank you, thank YOU! Our 1-year mark simply couldn’t be possible without your support and readership. So once more, T-H-A-N-K  Y-O-U!

Since November of last year, we not only launched this blog, but also completed 12 different 30-day challenges (that’s 36 challenges collectively). From surviving our very first cold shower challenge to making it through the Whole30 challenge and facing some of our biggest fears along the way, we’re loved being able to be real with you guys (and gals) about our goals, habits, struggles, you name it. Staying honest with all of you has kept us honest with each other and our selves – which includes a slight change to our approach moving forward.

While we love trying different 30-day challenges, we’ve also realized that the best way for the challenges to have the greatest impact on truly transforming our habits is to align them with our 3 overarching goals or as we’ve named them “OUR 3 BIG PILLARS”.

So what does that mean for future 30-day challenges we take on? We’ll be using the 3 pillars we’ve each identified to shape our next 12 changes for the year. While, we don’t have the challenges set in stone yet, we’ve pretty much got our pillars baked and we’re excited to share them with you below.


  • Get finances in check (currently tackling this one by focusing on developing a new skill set that could be monetized, paying off debt, limiting spending, etc.)

  • Put fitness & mindfulness first (challenges could be trying out new workouts, yoga classes, etc.)

  • Find balance in food (new recipes, healthy eating, no sugar, etc.)


  • Focus on parenting (challenges could be following a mom blogger, doing something special with the baby daily, etc.)

  • Health and happiness (challenges could be trying out new workout, finding what it means to have a newborn & work out, etc.) 

  • Finances (challenges could be tracking spending, paying off debt, etc.)


  • Pay off all debt (currently tackling this one by breaking up with coffee shops for 30 days in hopes of breaking the daily coffee shop habit for good)

  • Be more mindful (challenges could be 30-days of yoga, meditation, etc.)

  • Establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle (challenges could be master meal prep, morning workouts, take the stairs, etc.)

So now that we’ve shared our new approach with you, we challenge you to sit down and identify your 3 BIG PILLARS for the existing or new year ahead. What are 3 goals you could work toward achieving that would make your life substantially better? Once you’ve identified those, think of 30-day challenges you could activate to help you get there and we’ll be right there cheering you on every step (and challenge) of the way!