Are We Going About Failure the Wrong Way?

I (Leez) have been debating on whether I should post about one of our December Challenges (working out every day for 30 days). Not only did I struggle to commit to the challenge daily, but I also didn't have amazing boss results to share like Calley from her health and fitness journey.  

But then it hit me: I was going about failure the wrong way. Not only is my journey my own, but I actually didn't fail. Sure, I didn't make it to the gym every single day for 30 days, but here are eight things I did manage to do this month:

  1. Squeeze in workouts at work (even if they were 20 minutes long).
  2. Workout on vacation. 
  3. Get creative with my workouts at home. 
  4. Embrace the strength and body I do have vs. focusing on what I don't have.
  5. Eat cleaner when I didn't have time to workout.
  6. Be more mindful of the hurdles (aka excuses) I put in front of myself to not workout. 
  7. Find joy in working out again. 
  8. Replace quitting with trying. 

So if you're walking away with anything from this post, please walk away with this: just because we don't stick to the plan 100% of the time or get the results were were aiming for doesn't mean we failed. The important thing is that we try and keep trying. For me, that means continuing to take care of my body every single month (even if it's not every day) for the rest of my life. And if not for this challenge, I would have never come as close as I have to breaking old habits. 

My challenge for you? Rethink something you thought you failed at by looking at all the lessons you learned and things you did accomplish instead. Then go out and do something to honor your hard work. You deserve it.