Becoming a Boss

So some of you might be confused.. Boss? What do you mean, Calley? Well let me take you through my November challenge of beginning my lifestyle change with LadyBoss! Check out Kaelin's lifestyle - I repeat LIFESTYLE change here :)

Well what happened this month?! LOTS of changes. All great and all the start to my healthy new life. Let's start at the beginning..

November 1st was a work challenge called 'Maintain Don't Gain' - which was a challenge for the whole month of November to not gain any weight from November 1st to November 30th. Unfortunately, November 1st I weighed in and discovered that I was at my highest weight that I have ever been. The thoughts and emotions that went through my brain were.. How could I let this happen? This is just depressing. And how can I see a change when I've been trying for 2+ years to drop some weight? With all of those discouraging thoughts.. let's just say this challenge wasn't the best start to my month.. 

But have you ever heard of the quote, "Don't expect to see a change, if you don't make one."?

Harsh reality hit me on November 1st and I decided then, there, and of course for the challenge, to commit to changing my life and get healthy!

To bring you into my life a little more - let me just preface by saying, I don't eat a bag of potato chips (in fact I don't have any in the house normally). Rather you might find me working late, heading to volleyball, eating an apple on the way, maybe having a beer after volleyball or dinner at 8pm because it's the first time I've been home since I left for work.. But in my mind - I was "healthy". However healthy doesn't mean you go up in pant sizes, shirt sizes, or start feeling insecure about your body.. 

Kaelin's LadyBoss Lifestyle is actually quite incredible and empowering. It's driven towards women and really has helped me see some major changes! - sorry folks you gotta wait to the end to see the results ;) 

Here are the major changes and learnings that I committed to this month:

Food prep, food prep, food prep

The main reason I decided to go with this 'program' was because it's major component was food-prep and planning.. Every single meal, snack, week, is planned out for me. I get a grocery list every Saturday with what to buy to get you through your entire week. My days consist of: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner. Seems like a lot, but I really tried measuring everything so when it was 1/4 cup of hummus - that's all I used. Surprisingly my afternoon hunger struggles, battle with everything chocolate, and overall meals completely went away! Which is crazyyyyyyy because I love chocolate. I mean what woman doesn't, right?

Nuts, fats, peanut butter

Are now my best friends. Adding nuts to my breakfast, avocado for a snack, and peanut butter + bananas + rice crisps = my new fave snack. Snacking and eating every 2 hours is new for me, same with having planned a filling breakfast with low sugars and high fats.

Superset lifting

Prior to this month, Ginger and I did HIIT workouts with our 30 Days of 100 Pushups which was 100 pushups with high intensity running. Great workout! But this month, I followed the lifting plan with LadyBoss. They focus on a specific muscle group and do supserset lifting. If you haven't heard this term before it means when you have two lifts and do it back - to - back to cause your muscles to fatigue faster. For example, if I'm working my shoulders I might do Lateral Raises followed by Machine Press. Two shoulder workouts + a little cardio and that's one set. The lifting isn't 'scary' - and I'm pretty comfortable in the gym with the weights but one thing I like is that if you aren't comfortable, Kaelin makes it easy to understand how to use the equipment with quick YouTube videos. 

Ok, so I cheated..

Yeah, wine wasn't in the food plan.. but one glass, maybe two of a glass of white wine is what I needed some nights after work.. Starbucks, I didn't go often BUT if I did go.. I got a lightly sweetened chai, versus a regular one. And maybe there was ONE day that I had a piece of candy. But for not having anything for a whole month and trying to make a lifestyle change, I knew that there would be off days. I never had an off-off-way-off day.. just maybe understood that there were certain times that I might not be perfect.

And now the grand finale!

I lost a total of 10.6 pounds in one month! Literally have not seen that much weight loss.. EVER in my life. But change is good and changing my lifestyle is even better because these are just the building blocks to how I (emphasis I) want to live my life. I'm no longer letting food control my life or making excuses to not go to the gym. I am doing this because I want it and I am feeling great. 

Now for the embarrassing part - but it shows my month and the hard work I've done.. 


GAH! So that's out there.. but I'm really proud of this month. Which is completely different from how I was feeling on November 1st. 

So what's next?!

I'm continuing this - as you might have guessed - but there's still room for improvement. I am missing my ab routine from this (just haven't had time in my afternoon workouts to get that all in) so this next month (December) I'll be doing an ab challenge. Stay tuned for more updates and check out what Ginger did for her November challenge!!