5 to Zzzzzz...

Have you ever arrived home after a long day of work and lost all will power to eat healthy or at least somewhat healthy? Even if you had an excellent day at work as far as food goes? Maybe it’s just me, but when I get home from work, my will power goes out the window and down the road. Not to be seen again until the next morning. So, in the meantime, I clean out any snack I can find waiting for it to come back!

For the month of November, I (Ginger) challenged myself to stop snacking from 5 pm until I went to bed. I did not make any restrictions for the day before 5 pm. So, after 5 pm, the goal was simple: no snacking – no chips, no candy, no ice cream, no sweets, etc. I also didn’t put any restrictions on my dinner. Some were healthy, some were neutral, some were not so healthy…ok, ok, I’ll admit it: some were pure junk food.

Here’s what I noticed:

  • I snack…a lot.
  • It’s a habit to snack while reading a book or watching a show or some other lazy evening activity.
  • When I ate well and didn’t snack, I felt much better in the evening and the following morning.
  • My weight would start at my top weight and tick down each day to my lowest weight and the following day would shoot right back to the top. Just to start the process over again.
  • It’s easy to eat mindlessly. I started eating chips while at a restaurant without even realizing I was doing it!

My takeaways:

  • This is a great weight maintenance option providing my total caloric consumption during the day is not excessive.
  • Since I didn’t give myself restrictions on what I ate during the day, I didn’t feel deprived of anything so I didn’t experience any binging.
  • It gave me an awareness of my snacking habit during lazy activities and helped to break it.