Food Prep, Gym-time, Oh My!

Food Prep

For November's 30 day challenge - I have decided to do LadyBoss (check it out here), which is an app that contains fitness, food prep, grocery lists, etc. So before I continue on, I need to put a little back story to this..

The reason why I decided to start this challenge is because I was sick of food controlling me and my happiness. 

Happiness meaning - how I feel I'm looking today, my jean size, my overall energy, etc. If you don't know me, you don't understand that I AM A BUSY PERSON -- like to the point where Leez thinks I am crazy :) but I accept that! I love playing volleyball, going to the gym, etc. 

BUT you are what you eat.. or so I've been told.

And that is where I knew I wanted to start a '30 day challenge' but understand that these first 30 days are the foundation work to a lifestyle change. There are some things I'm still hoping to change - I'm only at day 15 so lots of more time to grow. But here's a few of my things that I've incorporated into my challenge for this month:

Meal prep like a mo-fo 

Taking the time to meal prep / write down your food that you will be eating. Every Sunday, I take 10 minutes out of my day to decide what I'm going to eat for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner. Seems like a lot of food, because it is! But it also has seriously helped me with munching on junk food. I started this challenge the DAY AFTER HALLOWEEN! I don't think y'all understand.. there was CANDY EVERYWHERE! however - I didn't need it. I simply planned well and had my snack or meal and then decided if I'm still craving it... HUGE change for me.

Find time to be a Boss

LadyBoss that is :) 

Finding the time to sit thru the app + plan out my meals + workouts -- seriously takes some time. But you need to do it if you want a lifestyle change. It doesn't get handed to you or you magically drop 20 pounds. It takes hard work and dedication. So going to the gym has been the one difficult part of this piece.. The workouts tend to take longer than what I'm expecting, since normally I workout over lunch. So doing lifting, 30 min of cardio, and 2+ days of 10 min abs has been a bit of a struggle for me. I'm hoping to find a way to get lifting + cardio + abs more into my routine.. Maybe I need to cut back on the number of sets in lifting, etc. etc. -- stay tuned!

Inspire others

One of the major things that LadyBoss encourages is to spread your Sparkle, meaning encourage the others around you. Although I don't feel like I'm going out of my way to "spread sparkle" but I must say that the friends who I do talk to, I have shared my struggles and triumphs (AKA I lost 5 pounds so far!) but I feel like the sharing of my journey has maybe inspired others to think about food and fitness differently. 

15 down, a life-long journey ahead 

Here's a start of my journey to change my eating habits and continue my fitness. Progress not perfection - so there are days that I'm not perfect. But I feel like something good is happening and I can't wait to share with you all again :)

Until next time,