Date Night Every Night

If there is anything I (Leez) have learned about my three year relationship is that it's a lot like trying to keep your favorite plant alive. Some weeks, it's as simple as watering it. While other weeks, it requires rotating it or moving it to a different spot so it gets more sunlight or repotting it altogether. In layman's terms, it takes some work to make it work.

So I put my fiancé, Todd, and myself up to the 30 day dating challenge. And even though, we're only 15 days in, Todd and I have already noticed what a positive impact this challenge has had on our relationship.

For starters, we've tried a lot of new things together we probably wouldn't have normally tired, like meditating for 30 minutes in our living room, trying out a fitness class at 9 Round, and going to a martini bar just because. As a result, we've also taken a deeper interest in each others interests, bonding over clean eating, movies, and new things we want to try and achieve together.

And with 15 more days to go, I'm excited to see what other new experiences and memories we'll round up for the rest of the month.