3,000 push-ups, you in?

How does 3,000 pushups in one month sound? 

If your answer is FREAKING FANTASTIC then you are crazy :)

Ginger and I (Calley) both decided to embark on this 30-day challenge of 100 pushups a day which ultimately is 3,000 pushups. Which is absolutely zonkers to me. But we completed the challenge.

Before I post any photos - let me preface: no I do not, nor have I ever enjoyed pushups.

This stemmed (again) from a Buzzfeed video of 30 days of 100 pushups (see their video here) and it truly was inspiring. These guys changed their bodies in 30 days and kind of drastically. The only problem with this video is these were guys - and no offense, but ladies don't always lose weight/gain muscle as fast as guys. We just weren't built for that.. However doing a youtube search of 30 days of 100 pushups and/or 30 day pushup challenge - you don't see any female stories. Odd. But not really, because when I told my mom about 100 pushups the first thing she said was, "Girl pushups right?!?!?!" 

Wrong mother dearest. Ginger and I did boy-pushups. 

Surprisingly, after the first week of pushups - mind you, we were terribly sore the first week - but we grew stronger and wanted to continue to challenge ourselves. So instead of doing 100 throughout the day, we did 100 as our HIIT workout. Aka High Intensity Interval Training. 

For example - our workout took only 11 minutes, but I was sweating like a dog. Here's how we did our sessions:

First: Download a Tabata Timer. 

If you've never heard of this before, it's a free app that you can download and it is a timer where you can set a time for the "high" interval and a "low" interval. Along with the number of rounds, etc. Here's the App I use (mind you I have an iphone) IntervalTimer

Second: Decide the length of time for your low period and what exercise you want to do.

So for this, you'll need to figure out what time you want for your 'low' period aka doing 10 pushups. Some days we did 50 seconds and once we were done with our 10 pushups, we hopped on the treadmill and walked. Other days we did 40 seconds and just used the time to catch our breath. And if you want to try it at home - I did 50 seconds of 10 pushups + running in place. 

Each person can have a different level + intensity. That's what makes this to unique and difficult at the same time. Work with playing on speed or even incline or even machinery. All can keep you workout interesting and definitely not stagnant! 

Third: Find the length of time for your high period and what exercise you will do.

For these, we usually kept it to 20 seconds.. 25 seconds on a very motivated day! But with these we decided to treat them as sprints. Not a I'm feeling like 6 mph is a sprint, more like 9.5 is tough and I'm super out of breath after. Whatever level you're at, make sure you are CHALLENGING YOURSELF! Also helps that Ginger is a super-awesome motivator :)

But if you don't like the idea of sprinting, why not try a treadmill walk at the steepest incline? And at a challenging walking pace? Either option works and makes 10 minutes of torture seem not too too bad. 

Lastly: Repeat 10 times.

Yup and there you go! 100 pushups in approximately 10ish minutes.

Try it - tell me how you like it! And if you have any other variations. Ginger and I are hooked - great workout in a short period of time and it allowed us to do a little lifting still. 

And now for the grand finale!

How about those progress pictures I promised you? Well I'm going to preface this again by saying:

These are not easy for me to post / share to the universe (aka the internet)



Again, not an easy feeling about posting these, but I am super proud of myself :) 

Not only because I did 3,000 pushups - but because I can see a change. Although not as huge of a difference to what a guy might have, I see it and feel it. My posture seems better, my shoulders seem more set back, overall strength is higher, etc.

My dearest friend Kimber said I should continue it through the month of November to see if I can see further progress. DEAL.

Who's with me on the next 30 days of 100 pushups a day?