Ready. Set. Jump!

Or should I say, 'run as fast as you can into Lake Superior aka 55 degree water' ????

So I've decided that it's time to talk about our challenge, or rather my experience. As I think about how this whole 30 days of cold showers began, I need to bring you back to the beginning of it all. STORY TIME!

If anyone knows me, they know I travel a lot. Like my parents live 6 hours away (one way) - sure I'll come after work Friday and leave Sunday morning. That's just me, and while I drive on my 6 hours, I tend to have 5,000 thoughts. Some of them are dreams, not meant to be shared, but then every once in a while I have a gem of an idea. It began with Leeza doing the Minimalist challenge aka you donate 1 item on day 1, 2 items on day 2 and so on and so forth until your at day 30. She was a champ and did it- inspiring me and Ginger to contemplate about doing it. Ginger made it up to day 10? I on the other hand just needed one free weekend and had 8 bags to take to goodwill :)

BUT - I while I was driving I thought it would be cool to challenge Leez and Ginger to 30 days of journaling. We had intended on getting together once I got home on Sunday, but plans didn't work out and we ended up not meeting. Thus I forgot to tell them of my idea, because sometimes that thing called life gets in the way. 

Fast-forward maybe a month? My lovely sister, Christy, who LOVES and I means L.O.V.E.S. sending me and my entire family Facebook videos, normally I ignore them (sorry sista - ain't nobody got time for that!). But I happened to watch this BuzzFeed video of these two 'victims' willingly take a cold shower for 30 days. The real question is WHY did I share that video with Ginger???

For those who don't know Ginger, she is a fierce little blonde firecracker ready to conquer all. So long story short, I showed this video to both of them and then remembered my hidden gem from before- and we put two and two together. Why not challenge ourselves to 30 days and blog about it??

Brilliant, right? 


What do you think our first challenge was??? Cold Showers for 30 days, you guessed it! 

My initial thoughts before this challenge where - how cold is cold? Why would I do this to myself? How will I survive? 

Surprisingly the power of 3 aka having all three of us do it together made it more bearable. We all laughed at our awkward videos - more to come on that - shared out horror stories, tactics, and really bonded over cold showers. Which really makes me laugh (to myself out loud of course). 

I have more thoughts, learnings and ideas about this. But I figured now is the time to get the ball rolling or to run full-force into an unknown and uncomfortable place. That's what these other ladies that make up 30 Day Gals has taught me. And I can't wait to share more with you. 

- Calley