5 Reasons You Won't Regret Taking Cold Showers for 30 Days

Leeza here! And If I'm writing this, there's a good chance I survived the first of many more challenges to come — 30 days of cold showers. Otherwise, known as 30 days of brrrrring it on. 

As Calley mentioned, this challenge was inspired by the very entraining Brenda and Clark from BuzzFeed and of course all those unproven little short-term benefits like improvements in your hair, skin, energy, and the list goes on and on. 

Even though I didn't experience many of the short term-benefits listed above, I did notice a thing or two and here are 5 of them in case you're wondering how 30 days of taking cold showers could benefit you. 

1) Energy, energy, energy — you feel an instant rush (and no you never quite get used to it) the very moment the cold water hits you. And let me tell you...it's stronger than an alarm clock and your first cup of morning coffee combined. 

2) Time's finally on your side — naturally the first thing you want to do when you step into a cold shower is GET OUT! Which means, shorter showers and more time to get ready. And the best part, once you're out of the shower, you don't have to deal with foggy mirrors before you can start to get ready for the day. 

3) You make friends with discomfort — as someone who struggles with anxiety, I felt the benefits of training my mind to make peace with discomfort impact my ability to better deal with other uncomfortable situations or feelings as they came up. And that is such an amazing feeling

4) It gives you courage to face other things — pushing yourself to do something you don't want to do and getting through it gives you the courage to push through other things you're afraid or uncertain you want to do. Like jumping into Lake Superior in the middle of October with your friends without even testing the water (because what better way to celebrate that you made it to day 30?!)

5) Your willpower gets a wakeup call — pushing through something you don't want to or have to do every day (sometimes twice a day) takes a lot of mental strength, making it easier to push through other things that come up that you don't want or have to do. Like tirelessly working on a blog post when you'd rather watch Netflix...

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