Why We Shouldn't Dismiss Compliments

By: Leez Kuznetsova


The other day two people complimented me about how they loved my hair straight. How nice, right? However, instead of just saying, thank you, I responded with “Really? It’s not my favorite but I was running late so it is what it is…” followed by doubting whether these lovely ladies really meant the compliment they just gave me.

The more I thought about my response, the more I realized how many times I had responded to compliments in a negative or uncertain way in the past, even if it was just in my tone or body language. The worst part? It had become so habitual that I stopped paying attention to it.

So I did what any habit breaker would do and tasked myself to accept compliments without the slightest hesitation every chance I got. When people commented on my sweater or hat, I said “thank you” and proceeded to tell them who made it or where they could get it. When somebody commented about liking my new blonde haircolor, I said thank you and passed along the name of my hair stylist (for the record her name is Chelsey and she works her magic at Hustle & Heart Salon). Over time, it not only become more natural to accept compliments, but it also changed my thoughts from negative to positive about myself and made me want to shower others with some extra love.

Moral of the story? If you’ve ever argued, been in disbelief, downplayed or ignored a compliment you received, it’s time to welcome those compliments with arms wide open. It might just inspire you to show a little more love to yourself and those around you <3

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