Want More Happiness? Stick to Cold Hard Facts.

By: Leez Kuznetsova

If you're human, there's a good chance you've crafted countless stories by filling in the gaps with anything but facts. Just think back to a time when a friend or family member left you a message to call them right back or you read into a tone that wasn't there simply based on how you perceived the email to be written...did you assume the worst or in the least fill in gaps with hypothetical what ifs? 

What's even worse is how much of this fact-less perceived reality is hijacking our day-to-day happiness. Not to mention, turning us into overly reactive human stress balls. 

But you (yes, you!) can break the vicious cycle and take your happiness back. How? By sticking to the F-A-C-T-S. As in not kinda, maybe, sorta fill-in-the-blank facts, but actual cold hard facts. And if you don't have all the facts, you can teach your imagination to stop running like the wind once and for all (just keep reading).

For example, next time you get that message from a friend or family member telling you to call them right away or you receive an email that rubs you the wrong way, start by focusing on the facts. That means walking away from any and all irrational thoughts, and not threading any fictitious stories based on loose assumptions. In layman's terms, that means not worrying or stressing until there's truly something to worry or stress about. Think you got it? Gooood. Now start rewiring that beautiful mind of yours to focus more on facts and less on creating fiction and watch your stress levels drop (and happiness levels rise to the top). 

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