Cold showers. Where am I now?

By: Calley Kohlhagen

Cold showers. They’re pretty awful, right? Then whyyyyy am I still finding myself taking cold showers? Well let’s flash back to the first time I did this challenge - mind you this was 2017. The best part? This idea 30 days of cold showers was inspired by a BuzzFeed video that helped us launch our whole idea of 30 day challenges. Partially because I couldn’t (at the time) imagine doing cold showers longer than 30 days. So what’s changed?

I am working out more consistently

As fitness and working out every day have become a priority for me, I am making it a priority to workout every morning. So far I have been doing it consistently for several months now.. with the hopes of this “habit” sticking even through the long winter months. But working out in the morning and then getting ready with hair dryer/straightener are all HOT! And I’m a person who can be in/out of the shower/getting ready in 30 min. Not too bad, right? But taking a cold shower helps me cool down.

Cold showers help me sleep

When I take showers at night, even if I’m not showering the whole time with cold water, I find myself taking 1-2 minutes of a cold blast to cool my internal temperature down. Which therefore, helps me sleep at night because I’m a furnace at night. I’d challenge anyone who is curious about cold showers, to start small- try a blast. Uncomfortable, yes. But challenging your brain and your body even in the smallest way is a great way to build mental toughness.

My skin loves me

Even through the transition of summer to fall - this is when my skin becomes DRY - I can’t seem to find reprieve from the dryness during any season’s transition. But, since I’m cold-showering, I find that my skin isn’t as constantly dry. This isn’t a huge difference, just a subtle one that I’m noticing a difference from the previous falls that I’ve lived through in Duluth.

All in all, I don’t see cold showers moving out of my life. I might not be going as hard core as a year ago, but I am super surprised that this is still part of my routine! Are you interested in trying cold showers? Do you want to do 30 days of cold showers? Message us and maybe we’ll get a whole group of us to commit (again) to 30 days of cold showers :)

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