3 Unconventional Tips for Managing Stress & Anxiety

By: Calley Kohlhagen

I wish I could tell you that I handle stress like a boss and that I don't get affected by anxiety. But that couldn't be farther from the truth. To be honest - living (yes, present state) through a kitchen renovation has definitely taken a toll on me. For me, that often translates to a restless mind that just won't quit at work or while I'm trying to catch some sleep. So how do I combat my stress & anxiety? With 3 unconventional tips you won't get from leaving the docs office. 


Paint Your Nails

Yes, party people! You know the moment when you feel so helpless and that everything isn't working or going right? Pause and give yourself a pedi or mani (or anything else you would do to treat yourself that you keep putting off as a result of being too stressed). In other words, show stress who's boss by taking your mind off of it for a few. Trust me, if it can work after getting 4 stitches on my thumb in the midst of a 10-day kitchen reno break - it can work for you. Instead of instead of focusing on what I wasn't getting done, I flipped the script and found time to focus on me - giving my restless mind a much needed break. So next time you're boarded the express stress train, think about something that you can easily do to refocus you back to you. Is it a face-mask, bath with your favorite candles and music or just jamming out in sweet silence? Whatever it is, make sure you don't let stress away your ability to focus on you. 

Pet a Cat or Dog

Fur-babies are the purrrrfect excuse to help de-stress. For me + my cat, that means I get to give him some love and therefore take my mind off the stress of never-ending projects or wherever my mind decides to wander. So when you're needing some scientifically-proven stress-relief, pet an animal :) I'm serious, it's been proven. Just check out this article by Time Magazine - I'm not making it up! Don't have a pet? Pay a friend with one a visit instead or a nearby humane society. Or do what my gal pals, Leez & Ging, have done and adopt a pup of your own. 

Workout - HARD!

Stress proves to be a sleep hijacker for me. So I've found that when I've made time to get my sweat on, I slept better. Like a lot better! Is there a way for you to incorporate a workout in your day? Some days, I found that biking to the grocery store provided just the right amount of "workout" to get my heart rate up and stress level down. Can you walk or bike somewhere? Get creative, and add a little physical activity to your daily routine during times of stress and see how you feel. 

Of course, these are all just my personal takes on stress and how I handle it. Do you have a hack you've used to combat stress? Please share + comment! I'm all ears!