Conquering Fear Each & Every Day

Fears. They are often times the very irrational hurdles that hold us back. I, Calley, have found that there are times I find myself stopping or being mentally negative about something I'm simply afraid of. So when the 30 Day Gals decided to conquer 30 fears in 30 days, I decided to try a different approach and just go for it. Curious where am I now as a result? I'm happy to report I've continued to take fear head-on, including facing three major fears since and hopefully, I can inspire you to do a little bit of the same. 

Fall down (hard!) and get back up again.

Growing up, we've all heard our mom or dad tell us to "get up" and that "we're fine" after we stumble. But as we get older, we have to be our own voices of reason. You know the voice that says "you got this...don't let fear win" even though a big part of you just wants to cave. 

I experienced this very thing when I recently went skiing in Oregon with my brother and his friend. It only took my first run to result in a crash. One that left me bruised, battered (thankfully no broken bones!) and more than anything rattled. So when my brother said we're going up to the VERY top of the mountain after my crash, I took a solid 20 minutes to collect myself, rode the chairlift up, and somehow managed to make my way down the mountain. 


You see FEAR could have held me back from pushing myself mentally and overcoming something I didn't think I could do. If this sounds familiar but you're not sure where to start, I suggest finding the person in your life that you're most receptive to. For me, that's my brother. He has a way of always helping me see just about any and every situation in a positive and calm manner — resulting in me conquering my fear. Or better yet, be that person for someone! Fears are something you don't have to conquer alone. Remember that next time you feel unsure of yourself or defeated.

Make friends with strangers.  

Maybe it's because I'm the youngest homeowner on my block who doesn't have a hubby, family or dog, but sometimes I can't help but feel (and fear) awkwardness when approaching my neighbors. In fact, somedays this same irrational fear keeps me from just talking to them or stopping by. Well, that was the case until my brother said something that got me thinking; "It's only awkward if you make it awkward." True! So I decided to say hi to the neighbor who walks her dog past my house, and even asked my neighbors for a favor while I was out of town. The best part? The more interactions I continue to have with my neighbors and people in general, the more I'm realizing that strangers aren't so strange and awkwardness might just all be in my head :) 

Say yes to real honest relationships.

Okay, I might be getting a little personal with this fear, but let me be an open book for ya. I don't think I've had a "serious" relationship before. Sure I've had boyfriends, but they never really knew the real me or the things I hold close like my friends and family. Perhaps, that's not unusual for some people, but for me, that was just a way of protecting myself from the potential of getting hurt. So when I discovered that dating was something that brought some anxiety from the past fears challenge, my gals and I knew I needed to face the fear of dating and letting someone get to know the real me once and for all. And because I did, I managed to find someone I like enough to bring to my parents and introduce to my friends. Had I not had the push (from both my gals and the fears challenge), I'm not sure I'd be in a happy real relationship right now. 


Your turn! What fears are at the top of your list? Whatever they are, I hope you found a little inspiration from my journey to take them head-on because at the end of the day — FEAR is just False Evidence Appearing Real.


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