F.A.I.L - how do you define failure?

By: Calley Kohlhagen

I recently had an opportunity to listen to a sermon in church and was pleasantly surprised to hear how the theory of F.A.I.L or First Attempt In Learning applies to my transformed my life. No matter your religion, there were some key points to this speech that got me reflecting about my own journey.

You won’t be a pro first time you try something.

Take for example when you first started playing a sport, or an instrument. For me, that would be piano - I have been playing since elementary school and I still struggle with getting my hands to mimic what my brain is comprehending. But when I was in elementary school, I never thought “oh my gosh, I am TERRIBLE! I quit!” So why shouldn’t I keep that same mind-set when trying something new in my adult-life? Like more recently, trying a new workout plan. My jump squats week 1 were pretty pathetic. Today? Maybe less semi-pathetic ha! But I’m trying and most importantly, practicing.

You never know what kind of opportunities will come from you trying something new.

Failing is associated with all kinds of negative. But when we fail, we grow. Take for example my past challenge at the gym, Heavy Lifting for 30 Days. I saw the most progress at the gym in 30 days that I have in a while. Failing meant ultimately growing my muscles. But beyond the gym, what happens when you fail in a social setting? Like not speaking up at a meeting or staying quiet because you don’t know anyone sitting next to you? How can you take the idea of “FAIL” and apply it to your life?

Find the strength (mentally) to push past any failures

Let’s take a look at the now well-known author, JK Rowling. Everyone knows her for her written series, Harry Potter. Do you know how many times she was rejected? 12. Which would be 1 or 2 too many for me to keep pushing on. But she has since written several books, made several movies and Disney World has a dedicated theme park for her characters/story. Pushing forward even when it’s mentally draining is how you take a small step to overcome “failure.” Like taking a hard fall on Mount Hood or having your heart fall hard for someone, these are all scary things - that now looking back, I am glad I crossed those mentally tolling/scary times to get to where I am today.

So where does F.A.I.L - First Attempt In Learning fall within your life? Do you need some reassurance to get you moving? All of the ladies that make up the 30 day gals are getting used to this uncomfortable feeling of trying something new. But if you need a person (or persons) to talk to, we would love to hear about any of your struggles and give you some support. If a virtual support system isn’t for you - find the posse and pack that can support you.