Why We Should Stop Setting Ourselves on Fire to Keep Others Warm

By: Leeza Kuznetsova


Have you ever came across a quote that felt like it was written for you? That’s exactly how I felt when came across the quote: you are not required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm.

Sooo good right? I think I’ll say it again but this time in all bold caps: YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO SET YOURSELF ON FIRE TO KEEP OTHER PEOPLE WARM.

As a semi recovering people pleaser, I couldn’t help but feel like this quote was a reminder from the universe to not fall back into old patterns when I used to put everybody’s needs before my own. You know all those times I promised myself I’d get some rest, carve out “me-time” and focus on my dreams for a change…only more often than not, I’d be bending backwards for just about everyone and everything around me.

So why am I sharing this quote with you now? Because I believe I’m not the only one this quote applies to. I believe that so many of you are continuing to go out of your way to make others happy without taking good care of yourself first. Most importantly, I believe this quote is also an important reminder … that you and I? We owe the world nobody’s happiness, but our own.

You with me?!

Then, let’s stop agreeing to do things for others that only set us back. Let’s stop saying yes to commitments that leave us drained and unhappy. Just once and for all, let’s stop setting ourselves on fire to keep others warm.

And let’s start by checking in with our ourselves before we drop everything and turn into human rubber bands. Let’s carve out me-time (without a side of guilt) like my gal pal, Ginger did as part of her recent 30-day challenge. Let’s start living life by making ourselves and our happiness a top priority.

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